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 BYOT format

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Poison Ivy

Nombre de messages : 26
Localisation : Italy
Date d'inscription : 24/11/2009

MessageSujet: BYOT format   Mer 13 Avr - 11:41

Look at the following cards:

Doppelganger, Killer Clone
Character, Underworld, Cost: 1

You may pay 5 endurance rather than pay Doppelganger's recruit cost while you control a Sinister Syndicate character.
MTU-135 - Common

Is it legal in a BYOT Underworld deck?
And in a BYOT Sinister Syndicate deck?

Different card, similar questions:

X-23, Laura Kinney
Character, Unaffiliated, Cost: 3
Mutant - Physical

To recruit, discard two cards.
X-23 gains the X-Men affiliation while you control another X-Men character.
MXM-190 - Rare

OK, it is legal in an X-Men deck.

Would it be legal in a (insert a different affiliation) deck?

Thank you in advance
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Nombre de messages : 1934
Age : 42
Localisation : Lyon
Team préférée : Avengers, Doom, X-Men, MK, TT, Exiles
Date d'inscription : 18/09/2006

MessageSujet: Re: BYOT format   Mer 13 Avr - 12:16

The rule says:
Bring Your Own Team: This format is a Golden Age constructed deck format with further restrictions on deckbuilding. The player must nominate a team and all cards in the deck must be refer to that team or no team at all. This format could be adapted to any “age”.

Re: your specific question:
- Doppelganger can be played in an Underworld or a Sinister Syndicate BYOT deck because both teams are refered in the card. It's the same thing for dual affiliated character cards, as long as the chosen team is written somewhere in the card, it's legal.
- X-23 can only be played in a X-Men BYOT deck because the only team refered to is X-Men.
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BYOT format
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